Cae (He/They) Transguy, BI, 5 August, Minor, SEALikes ✧ Art, Seafood, Eggs, Discord, Stars, Haikaveh, Coffee

Kins ✧ Kaveh, Chuuya, Akutagawa, Childe, Mizuki, Ena, Xie Lian, Hua Cheng, Vanitas, Noe, Reki, Miya ChenDislikes ✧ Vegetables (not mushrooms), Haikaveh antis, School. Furilette shippers!!

BYF ✧ I usually an a bit self-centered, i talk alot about my interests, i change subjects multiple times, i can and problaby will drain your energy..Ships ✧ Haikaveh, Cynari, Kazuscara, Xiaoven, Chiscara, Beiguang, Kokosara, Eimiko

Music ✧
- Mitski
- Taylor Swift (antis dni)
- Ricky Montgomery
- Rio Romeo
- Pasilyo
- I/Me/Myself
- Hidden in the sand
- I bet on losing dogs
- Sweet Tooth

Mentions ✧ Ken, Ventitoes, Ittoes, Angel, Mish, Fush, & LondLinks ✧
- Spacehey
- Pronoun Page
- Mizuki-themed carrd
- Kzsc-themed carrd
- Haikaveh <3

Interests ✧ Genshin Impact, Project Sekai, HI3, HSR, Omori, TGCF, BSD, Vocaloid, Vanitas NC, SK8 Infinity
Where 2 find me! ✧

WHEN THEY SAY I LOVE YOU BUT KAVEH ONCE SAID:I guess you could say our relationship is something of a mixed bag these days? Honestly, with everything that's happened, it almost feels like the universe has been playing pranks on us... It's hard to make sense of it all... too much to process for one lifetime. I will say that it's not every day that you get to know someone like him — I just wish he could rein in some of the worst excesses of his personality. Okay, yeah, that's never gonna happen